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Many website owners and online marketers (still) save and store or upload their images and videos to their website or pc.
Smarter webdesigners use a socalled Content Delivery Network or CDN (globally distributed network of web servers).
The best CDN in the world surely is Cloudinary (300.000+ users). Cloudinary does more then just host files on a fast server.
If you are a webdesigner or virtual worker then you must get started with Cloudinary.
Cloudinary also offers a very special, powerful and unique feature: url manipulation (Uniform Resource Locator). 
Below you will learn what url manipulation can do for your business.
We also explain how we  Cloudinary url manipulation and how our Cloudinary Design Maker can be used to create complex

CDN = content delivery network

Cloudinary CDN is the Best ! 

A webdesigner or fe. online marketer can not do without copywriting, creating images and/or videos. They need media files to promote their business, their brand, capture leads and/or sell products. Virtual workers often store their images and videos on their website (in Wordpress this would be the uploads folder). Some don't have a website and keep their media files on their local pc (and upload them to social media). But there is a 3rd better option to store your files and share them with the world and that's with a CDN.

Smarter webdesigners (who want to deliver fast) use a socalled Content Delivery Network or CDN (globally distributed network of web servers). The best CDN is the Cloudinary CDN (that just got even better). Cloudinary offers Software As A Service and a CDN or Content Delivery Network. Cloudinary users can upload and store their files within their own domain (hosted on the Cloudinary Cloud Server). User uploaded files (images, videos, docs) will be distributed to different servers (geographically) wordwide (these host servers are also owned by Cloudinary).

The shortest path to a file is always the fastest. Cloudinary will deliver your file(s) to the nearest geographical online user (if you like). Create your free or premium account today or learn more about Cloudinary. A fast CDN with short delivery time (to any device) is not all that Cloudinary has to offer !
Next let's talk about the Cloudinary file url manipulation feature (be amazed) !! 

CHANGING image properties via URL Manipulation

URL Based Image Manipulation

This short explenation is written for newbies. Uploaded Images and videos always have a location. An online file can be accessed via a so called URL or link or file path.  

 Cloudinary allows you to easily transform your images on-the-fly to any required format, style and dimension, and also optimizes images for minimal file size alongside high visual quality for an improved user experience and minimal bandwidth. You can do all of this by implementing dynamic image transformation and delivery URLs. You can change the required transformations at any time. All transformed images are created on-demand (lazily) and delivered to your users through a fast CDN with optimized caching.


Cloudinary WYSIWYG url manipulation

Uploading images in Cloudinary is easy and great. Did you know you can also add layers to your Cloudinary images? This is a super powerful feature, however one that many users in Cloudinary do not use.
Knowing how to use Cloudinary layers requires coding skills and training. To create layers you would (always) need to know or remember the image layer name (of each individual image) enable to insert the image object as a layer.
Users also have to remember and apply gravity such as North, North-East, South-East, South-West etcetera. See the video and watch then url to see how difficult it is.
Creating a proper picture collage has always been a job for experts (not for dummies). This has changed !!

With The New Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Cloudinary Design Maker anyone can quickly become an expert in minutes ! It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities as well !

About Cloudinary 

If you have never heard of Cloudinary then this quick conclusion review report should get you up to speed. It is our take and Review on Cloudinary as it is today, Juli 2018.

Cloudinary is market leader as cloud image management solution provider. Services range from image storage to image transformation and fast image delivery. Cloudinary is a big cloud-based service; a socalled CDN Content Delivery Network for images, videos and text-based files. Cloudinary welcomes developers and offers different partnerships. Provider of a powerful & innovative end-to-end image Management Solution (uploads, file storage, url manipulations, optimization and fast delivery). 

Cloudinary is a Software As A Service (SaaS) technology company with it's headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Cloudinary also has an office in Israel in The Middle-East. Cloudinary provides a easy to use cloud-based image management solution that is used by more then 300.000 users (web or mobile). Very popular as well with application developers from all over the world. Cloudinary can automatically deliver optimized versions to any type of cloud platform.

Cloudinary is an end-to-end image management solution for your website and mobile apps. All image features (effects, optimization) are URL-based. Change the URL to change the image. Integration is very straightforward. Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface. Mobile-friendly. Free for commercial and non-profit use

Anything you learn becomes easy. Cloudinary is not difficult for people who have spend several weeks and learned how to use Cloudinary. Uploading and sharing images is easy and can be used immediately. Image manipulation via url edit and adding layers is unusual therefor rather difficult and not for newbies or dummies. Determined Coders who want to use Cloudinary layers should consider at least one week learning-curve and training before actually be able to produce collages (with special fonts, colors etc). tip: Do not forget to upload a 1x1px .png to your library. 

In Cloudinary there is no drag and drop funtionality. It is also not possible to save (save as) Cloudinary manipulated url's. You must store these urls in a text file or spreadsheet on your local computer (or paste the url in a chat tool of your preference and send to yourself). It is not nice to lose layer-rich cloudinary image collages. We believe it would be much better to store special cloudinary urls within Cloudinary itself.

Having To Learn Cloudinary url manipulation (and using layers) is a daunting task for many. Cloudinary is still easy to learn however there are a ton of features (much to learn and remember). The Cloudinary Editor (included inside Cloudinary) is rather difficult to use. To fully benefit from all image manipulation effect new users are requirted to learn and understand the specific url parameters (bo_ means border). Any new Cloudinary user is required to spend a fair amount of time and effort before becoming able to create a layered collage template. From our experience learning Cloudinary will take an average coder about a full week (5 days x 4 hours per day) to fully grasp. Another week (5 days x 4 hours per day) to practize and develop routine. Then on a regular basis (4 hours per week) a coder has to stay in tune (and practice) or else Go Back To Start. Using Cloudinary layers it becomes possible to add, position and style your main image. You can only add an image layer on top of the base image by knowing (writing down, remembereing) the filename. Cloudinary is unforgiven. Cloudinary urls can become very long (many characters). You need to know the code for special HTML characters fe. "! or ?". One error in your Cloudinary url and it will break "page not found" (without suggestions). 

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Photo Collage Maker

There never has been a Drag and Drop Photo Collage Maker for Cloudinary until Today. The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Cloudinary ! Start to make photo collages with text and images. All your collages will be saved in your own Cloudinary account. Save and continue or reuse later (reversed url engineering). Automatic Color Detection makes it easy to select the right colors for your layers. What You See is What You Get WYSIWYG Editor. Select your Google font family. Find out what Cloudinary was missing !

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New Cloudinary photo collage maker for images and photos. Turn your image into a piece of art that people will love. First you upload, open and use your photos in Cloudinary then connect online with Cloudinary Collage Maker. Design and create a beautiful collage for free. Save, Share, Print or Email your creation. Print on Paper? or share online via Social Media? (Facebook, Twitter,..). You will get extra features if you are one of the Premium users.